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New energy vehicles/Energy storage industry
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【Product application scenario】
①Lithium battery industry for new energy vehicles

②Lithium electric energy storage industry

【The product description】
KLX FRPC - 1880 - b NTC series of halogen free flame retardant polycarbonate film, the film has excellent flame retardant properties and electrical properties, UL94 fire rating to VTM or V - 0 0, at the same time have excellent aging resistance, the RTI is 125 ℃, by double 85 test 1000 hours and resistance to high temperature, 1000 hours of testing, but also has excellent machining performance, meet the hot and cold forming, bending, and blister processing requirements, is the performance of excellent products.
Product model color appearance thick wide
KLX FRPC-1880B-NTC black Medium sand/matte finish 0.125-1.0mm 930mm
Note: coils and sheets are available. Please contact us for detailed packing specifications and physical properties.

【Product testing and Certification】

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