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Laptop industry
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【Product application scheme】

【The product description】
KLX FRPC-1860B series is halogen-free and flame retardant film, with excellent mechanical processing performance, to meet the cold and hot forming, blanking mesh, folding box and other die-cutting processing requirements, at the same time can be used in plastic blister and printing processing, is a very cost-effective product series.
Product model color appearance thick wide
KLX FRPC-1860B black Medium sand/matte finish 0.05-1.0mm 610/930mm
KLX FRPC-1860B-NTC black Fine sand/matte finish
KLX FRPC-1860B-83B black Smooth/matte finish
KLX FRPC-1860 ecru Medium sand/matte finish
KLX FRPC-1860W white Medium sand/matte finish
Note: coils and sheets are available. Please contact us for detailed packing specifications and physical properties.
【Product testing and Certification】

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