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Printing industry
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【Product application scheme】

【The product description】
KLX FRPC-1860 product is the natural color halogen-free flame retardant polycarbonate film, which has high flame retardant, high temperature resistance, good dimensional stability and good printability, suitable for all kinds of electrical label label printing.
Product model color appearance thick wide
KLX FRPC-1860 ecru Medium sand/matte finish 0.125-1.0mm 930mm
Note: Coil and sheet materials are available
KLX PC-835B/832B series are natural matte polycarbonate films with high temperature resistance, better dimensional stability and better printability without pretreatment. They are an excellent choice for surface decoration, film switches, instruments and other multi-layer printing applications. The film is suitable for screen printing using traditional solvent or water-based inks, UV inks or infrared drying inks, and is easy to heat forming, die-cutting and bending processing.
Product model color appearance thick wide
KLX PP BK-10 black Medium sand/matte finish 0.125-1.0mm 610/930mm
KLX PP WT-10 white
Note: coils and sheets are available. Please contact us for detailed packing specifications and physical properties.

【Product testing and Certification】

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